TNGA Part 3 – Day 2; Throwing Logic Aside

Posted on February 1, 2015 Categories: Biking

Day 2 was upon us, and so was chocolate milk, bagels and other delicious breakfast items. We were all feeling refreshed, and were sure to say our thank-yous as we pulled away from Woody’s and on to the next section of the TNGA, which were the Hog Pen and Wolf Pen Gaps. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me try to explain what these two sections were. They were the easiest, yet hardest climbs of the entire race. There, that should clear some things up.

TNGA Part 2 – Day 1; Learning the Hard Way

Posted on December 5, 2014 Categories: Biking

This is part 2 of what I’m now considering a 3 part series on this years TNGA. Check out Part 1 here –>

So what am I once again doing up at this insane hour? Well, things needed to be done. And the TNGA wasn’t going to complete itself. All of my gear was packed; bike, cold weather gear, food, multiple kits, (what seemed like) thousands of dollars worth of parts and tools, water, TrailLED lights, batteries, and a stomach full of nerves. Sure, I’ve spent hundreds of hours preparing for this race, but I still doubted myself while driving north out of Tallahassee. Of the stories I’ve heard about this race, none were pleasant. Most were actually about how riders cracked both mentally and physically. I heard stories about racers calling home and crying to loved ones, quitting after one day, and simply going insane in the wilderness.

Palo Duro Marathon Race Write Up by Sharon McNutt

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After race selfie!

Race write up for the Palo Duro Marathon race. This is my selfie after the race. This Tmbra marathon is 2015, technically my racing age is 50 next yr. This was one of the reasons I wanted to race a full marathon. Turning 50 is a big deal to me after aggressive cancer treatments. So here is my race report.

The morning started out cold, race start was 10:30am. Most of us was overdressed and I quickly realized I was too. At the last minute I took off some layers, and proceeded to the staging area. As usual the morning was glorious, the racers at the Palo duro marathon race are always my fav. Maybe because the canyon is just a beautiful place.

TNGA Part 1 – A Difficult 8 Months, and We’re Just Getting Started…

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Well… As knowledge gets passed along pretty fast, I assume most reading this already know that no one from DFW was able to finish this year’s version of the Trans North Georgia Adventure (TNGA). I use the term ‘version’ very purposefully, and you will come to know why by the end of this story.

24 Hour National ChampionshipSS – Once in a Lifetime Experience

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Earlier in the year, Rich made a comment about this 24 Hour Nationals being the last of its kind. At this point in time I was already looking for endurance races to throw my hat in, and this one seemed like a good idea. I’ve participated in two 24 hour races by then, but on 2 person and 4 person co-ed teams. It was time to cut the umbilical cord and see what I was made of. It was about this time when Matt Malone put a training schedule together for me in order to prepare myself for this years Trans North Georgia, and 24 Hour Nationals fit perfectly into the schedule. Commence training… And putting a ding in my social life during stretches…

Rudolph’s Revenge 30 Mile Single Speed Spin Fest

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Overall, this race had everything, and the set-up and support was top notch.  The first 5 miles were flat and fast crushed granite greenbelt; from there it took a turn onto pavement into a couple of lung burning climbs, and some nice downhill sections for about another 5 miles.  Then you get to the Isle du Bois (IDB) trail, which is some of the most technical single track in North Texas.  Rock gardens are the norm, with some sandpits thrown in to really test your skills, but overall the trail flows really well.  10 miles of this with a good bit of elevation gain and loss and then we headed back the way we came through the pavement hills, and finishing on the superfast greenbelt.

Wausau24! 40 hours of driving and 24 hours of Racing in one weekend.

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It’s 9:45 AM and I’ve realized I left more gear at the house. I’m supposed to be at Mike’s house, on the other side of Dallas, in 15 minutes.

Three guys and all the gear you can shake a stick at.

Mike, Luke, and I are headed up to (almost) Canada to ride our bikes in Wausau, WI for 24 hours at the Nine Mile Recreation area. It’s a beautiful park with Pine trees, rocks, and plenty of elevation change.

24 Hours in the Canyon, a Rookie’s Ride

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24 Hours in the Canyon, Palo Duro Canyon State Park

June 1 – 2 2013


This race was dedicated to the following individuals who are fighting or have fought cancer: Paul Sutter, Marily McShan, Celinda Allen, Sandra Day, and Sharon Bade.  You were my inspiration during this race to push myself further and longer than I have before.  I also want to shout out to my fellow survivor pigs who continue to impress me with their determination, grit, and awesome attitude: Sharon McNutt, Steve Baumgartner, and Kaden Brennfoerder.

Ouachita Challenge 2013

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We had a great showing of Big Pigs again this year at the Ouachita Challenge. Most of us raced the tour!  This year the weather was great, better than the hot and dry of last year!  Wanna congratulate those that finished, especially the green horns doing it for their first time. Tara Malone finished for her first time, riding with Susan Dean as her support and inspiration. Great work! It’s tough to finish the 60 miles of mountainous single track/jeep road when you haven’t done it.

Yeah Man! Northshore 6hr Race Recap, Single Speed Style

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First, I loved that Chaos (Race Director) didn’t make the SSrs do the road at the start and let us jump right in to the trail. Really helped me get into a rhythm quicker. That being said, I wasn’t sure what gear to run and I picked 32×20, which I discovered during the race that I should have run a 19 to get more speed in the straights. Conditions were amazing! The weather and the trail were damn near perfect! I made a last minute decision to not wear any arm/leg warmers and was glad I did… it warmed up real quick!

Based on feed back from my teammates, I didn’t kill it on the start, just started out at a pace just a bit slower than XC. I think I hit the trail about 5th or 6th place? I had mixed up severals bottles of Skratch labs and also water. I decided to try for 2 laps before swapping bottles and I think I did that for the first 4 laps. Just liquids on lap 1. I took shot bloks (one one package of 6 the entire race, laps 2-4) and I did one hammer gel shot (Lap 6?) and also stopped and ate 1 Stinger Waffle (Lap 7?)